QSP Labs

Driving Software development through quality

Thomas Bucsics, Roland Germ
ANECON Software Design und Beratung
11.03.2016, 14:00-18:00; 12.03.2016, 9:00-17:00
HSB 5 Seminar Room, Technikerstra├če 13b (ground floor), Innsbruck

Lab Description

Creating high-quality software has always been a challenge. Quality assurance and testing methods have developed in parallel to constructive software engineering practices. The introduction of increasing demands on quality, and the trend of agile software development have made quality and testing a primary concern in all phases of software development. In this lab, we will focus on Test Driven Development and Acceptance Test Driven Development, to show how these crucial techniques work - in theory and practice.

Language: English
Structure: Exercises with latptops
Maximal number of participants: 50
Required Skills: Basic programming skills (e.g. Java)

About the Expert

Thomas Bucsics. Born in Graz, Thomas Bucsics studied Computational Intelligence and Media Computer Sciences at the TU Vienna. He started at ANECON in the field of test automation, and specializes in test automation approaches & architecture. He is author of the German-language standard literature on the topic, "Basiswissen Testautomatisierung" (d.punkt, 2012, 2. ed. in 2015).

Roland Germ. Born in Vienna, Roland Germ studied Computer Science at the TU Vienna. He started as a software architect at ANECON's Java group, and specializes in agile practices and Software Craftmanship. He has more then 20 years experience in software development and he likes to train developers how-to develop Clean Code.