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The Quality and Security Program Tirol invites to the upcoming Lab:

Evidence-based software engineering

Magne Jørgensen
Chief Research Scientist, Simula Research Laboratory
09.06.2017, 14:00–18:00
10.06.2017, 9:00-13:00
3W03 Seminar Room, ICT Building (2nd floor), Technikerstraße 21a, Innsbruck

Lab Description

Important judgments, decisions and choices in software engineering should be based on critical collection and evaluation of best evidence from research and practise. In this course I introduce evidence-based software engineering and explain how this approach can be used to improve decisions. Topics that will be covered include: How to disclose myths and fashion in software engineering, empirical research methods, collection of practise-based evidence, and challenges related to learning from experience.
The goal is that the participants, as researchers and software practitioners, will be better able to formulate precise problems, collect and evaluate relevant and valid evidence, summarise the evidence and apply the knowledge properly.

Language: English
Structure: Presentation, exercises with laptops
Required Skills: Basic knowledge about software engineering
Required Equipment:
Maximal number of participants: 40

About the Expert

Magne Jørgensen works as a chief research scientist at Simula Research Laboratory, professor at University of Oslo, guest professor at University of Kathmandu and as an advisor for Scienta. He is promoting the principles and process of evidence-based decisions to software professionals and students (basically to everyone he meets).
Read more about him at www.simula.no/people/magnej.