QSP Talks

A Retrospective View On Banking Malware

Stefan Ortloff
Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab
27.11.2014 (16:30 as part of InDay students)

Talk Description

Banking-trojans are - seen from the criminal's perspective - the most direct way to steal other people’s money. Some people say banking trojans are like rats, you kick a trashcan and six of them go scurrying off in every direction. Most of them you’ll read about once and never again. But there is a big four that just never seem to go away: Carberp, Citadel, SpyEye, and especially Zeus. In this talk I'm going to give you a retrospective view on banking malware, mostly on the notorious ZeuS-Trojan aka ZBot.

About the Expert

Stefan Ortloff brings more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry from different lines of business and as a freelancer. He joined Kaspersky Lab in 2007 as an intern. In 2010 he was appointed to the position of Virus Analyst in the Global Research & Analysis Team. Stefan specializes in reverse-engineering, analysis of botnets and forensics. Also non-Windows, specifically Linux-based malware is included to his area of interest.