QSP Talks

JetBrains MPS - Speaking your language

Václav Pech
29.04.2015 18:00 - 20:00 - Presentation and Discussion, 20:00 - Get Together

Talk Description

Design your own Domain Specific Languages and plug them into Java easily. Think of all the business rules, workflow definitions, structured configurations or handy language extensions that you could simplify your life with. Using purely open-source tools and without defining a parser or grammar. JetBrains MPS gives you that and more - textual and graphical languages, non-parseable and tabular notations, tight integration with Java and full IDE assistance on top of it - the ability to edit, debug, refactor, test and analyze your DSL code right inside a Java IDE. If you're thinking of trying something new, this session is for you.

About the Expert

Václav Pech is a programming enthusiast who develops with pleasure ;-). He's keenly interested in server-side Java technologies, distributed and concurrent systems, modern programming languages and DLSs. He joined JetBrains on a mission to empower developers with top-notch development tools. He's currently involved in the MPS project, developing a projectional DSL workbench and building customized DSLs.