QSP Labs

Joint Seminar on Empirical Software Engineering

Andrea Janes (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)
Katsiaryna (Kate) Labunets (University of Trento)
Michael Felderer (University of Innsbruck)

28.04.2016 (late afternoon), 29.04.2016
University of Bolzano, Bolzano, Italy

Lab attendants will travel to Bolzano by train together with Dr. Michael Felderer on Thursday, 28.04.2016 (at around 15:00)
and will be back in Innsbruck on Friday 29.04.2016 ( at around 20:00)

Travelling, accommodation and food costs are covered by the Euregio Mobility Fund!

Lab Description

In this lab you will learn together with students from Bolzano and Trento how to make use of modern statistical and machine learning methods to support decisions in software and security engineering. You will learn to develop and apply models to predict vulnerabilities in software and to compare your results with those of professional tools. This will provide you with facilities to analyze modern estimation and prediction approaches and to investigate and develop such approaches yourself and to successfully apply them in your software projects and products.

The course is especially recommended to students participating in Advanced Software Engineering.

Language: English
Structure: Presentation, Lab Exercises and Discussion
Maximal number of participants: 10
Required Skills: Bachelor in Computer Science

About the Expert