The Quality and Security Program Tirol - QSP Tirol - is an initiative to foster application-oriented education in the area of software quality and security at the University of Innsbruck.

QSP Tirol offers different events such as QSP Labs, QSP Talks and QSP Teaching supported by renown experts.

QSP events are open to students enrolled in Tyrolean Universities. QSP Labs and QSP Teaching can be credited to students in Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck within the Bachelor and the Master program. For more information we refer to QSP Labs and QSP Teaching.


QSP Annual Report 2015/2016

QSP Annual Report 2014/2015


QSP Tirol is sponsored by the following partners:

ARZ Mils
Barracuda Egger

Supporting Partners

QSP Tirol is supported by the following partners:

Kaspersky      AV-Comparatives

lean42         Sigma Star Gründer Consulting   seppmed

itestra    MGM

MGM Cisco

QSP Labs

QSP Labs are one to three half day workshops with renown experts and hands-on knowledge transfer.

If you are Computer Science student at the University of Innsbruck eight half-day participation in QSP Labs (together with writing a report) can be credited to the elective course "QSP Labs" offered every two years, starting with WS 2015/2016 (Master) and SS 2016 (Bachelor). For more information see QSP Teaching.

We would like to point out that information given in the workshops intentionally may not be company independent.


Please register at

If you are not enrolled at University of Innsbruck please send your registration request to Ilona.Zaremba@uibk.ac.at

Announced QSP Labs

31.03.2017 - 01.04.2017 "IT-Outsourcing Management"
Torsten Gründer, Geschäftsführer GRÜNDER Consulting GmbH
07.04.2017 - 08.04.2017 "Software development through quality"
Thomas Bucsics, Team Leader Test Automation
Roland Germ, Software Architect
ANECON Software Design und Beratung
19.05.2017 "Workshop Internet Security - Breaking TLS for fun and profit"
Gregor Koenig, Software Development
Martin Ortner, Quality Assurance
Barracuda Networks
09.06.2017 - 10.06.2017 "Evidence-based software engineering"
Magne Jørgensen, Chief Research Scientist, Simula Research Laboratory

Previous QSP Labs

10.03.2017 "The Tech behind Chatbots"
Dominic Breuker, Director Data Science, FinLeap GmbH
27.01.2017 "Transport Layer (In?)Security"
David Gstir, Senior Software Engineer, sigma star GmbH
20.01.2017 "Web Application Security"
Benjamin Kellermann, Information Security Consultant and Penetration Tester, mgm security partners GmbH
13.01.2017 "Analyzing traffic of infected machines"
Tomas Pevny, Technical Leader, Cisco Systems Inc.
16.12.2016 - 17.12.2016
"Internet of Things (IoT) with Microcontrollers from ARM"
Hannes Tschofenig, Senior Principal Engineer, ARM Ltd.
11.11.2016 "Cybercrime verhindern - Schwachstellen und Angriffe erkennen"
Michael Gredler, Geschäftsführer einer Unternehmensberatungsfirma
Christian Pumberger, Unternehmensberater
04.11.2016 "A Journey to Filesystem Lands"
Richard Weinberger, CTO sigma star GmbH
21.10.2016 "Oh my Cache! - Introduction to having fun with your Cache"
Daniel Gruss, Graz University of Technology
10.06.2016 "Bluemix - The Innovation Platform"
Olaf Hahn, Evangelist at IBM Austria
03.06.2016 "Introduction to Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure"
Andreas Schabus, Microsoft Austria GmbH
20.05.2016 "Inside the EMV protocol"
Marios Omar Choudary, University Politehnica Bucharest
20.05.2016 "Enterprise architecture in financial service industry and impact of regulatory obligation"
Dr. Alexander Wehrmann, Partner at Senacor
15.04.2016, 13.05.2016 "Internet of Things (IoT) with ARM-based Microcontrollers"
Hannes Tschofenig, ARM Limited
28.04.2016 - 29.04.2016 "Joint Seminar on Empirical Software Engineering"
Andrea Janes, Katsiaryna Labunets, Michael Felderer
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, University of Trento, University of Innsbruck
22.04.2016 "SW-Test: modellzentriert und systematisch"
Martin Beißer, sepp.med GmbH
08.04.2016 - 09.04.2016 "IT-Outsourcing Management"
Torsten Gründer
GRÜNDER Consulting Gmbh
11.03.2016 - 12.03.2016 "Driving Software development through quality"
Thomas Bucsics, Roland Germ, ANECON Software Design und Beratung
22.01.2016 - 23.01.2016 "Workshop Secure Internet Communication"
Gregor Koenig, Martin Ortner, Barracuda Networks Ayoub Faouzi, Avira Operations
15.01.2016 "Web Application Security"
Benjamin Kellermann, mgm security partners
11.12.2015 "Zentrale Ansprechstelle Cybercrime - ZAC"
Matthias Forster, Matthias Schmidt, Bayerisches Landeskriminalamt
03.12.2015 - 04.12.2015 "Malware analysis & Reverse engineering"
Victor Sergeev, Kaspersky Lab
27.11.2015 - 28.11.2015 "Software Reengineering"
Harry Sneed, SoRing Kft
13.11.2015 "Cybercrime verhindern - Schwachstellen und Angriffe erkennen"
Michael Gredler, Geschäftsführer einer Unternehmensberatungsfirma;
Christian Pumberger, Unternehmensberater
06.11.2015 "Introduction to cryptography"
David Gstir, sigma star GmbH
23.10.2015 "Introduction to Linux kernel development"
Richard Weinberger, sigma star GmbH
26.06.2015 "Software-Qualität im Wandel der Zeit"
Armin Müller, Tobias Simon, itestra GmbH
24.04.2015; 08.05.2015; 22.05.2015; 29.05.2015; "Internet of Things (IoT)"
Hannes Tschofenig, ARM Limited
17.04.2015 - 18.04.2015 "IT-Outsourcing Management"
Torsten Gründer, Gründer Consulting
20.03.2015 - 21.03.2015 "Workshop Secure Internet Communication"
Martin Ortner and Gregor Koenig, Barracuda Networks
13.03.2015 "Sicherheitsüberprüfungen (Theorie und Best Practice) im professionellem Umfeld"
Helmut Gratl, ARZ Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH
06.03.2015 "Schwachstellen in Browser und Mobile Devices"
Christian Kovatsch, ARZ Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH
27.02.2015 "EA Best Practices"
Inge Hanschke, Lean42 GmbH
16.01.2015 "Sicherheitsarchitektur(en) im Enterprise Umfeld"
Helmut Gratl, ARZ Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH
09.01.2015 - 10.01.2015 "Analyzing and Testing Software Requirement Documents"
Harry M. Sneed, University of Regensburg
12.12.2014 "Reverse Engineering Network Appliances"
Richard Weinberger, David Gstir, sigma star gmbh
27.11.2014 "Financial Malware and Corresponding Distribution Methods"
Vyacheslav Zakorzhevsky, Kaspersky Lab
28.11.2014 "Modellbasiertes Testdesign - Testfälle automatisch generieren"
Martin Beißer, sepp.med gmbh

QSP Talks

Meet the experts in talks and get together.

Announced QSP Talks

17.05.2017 "Digital Insurance – Künstliche Intelligenz in der Versicherungsbranche"
Martina Vogel, VKB
19.06.2017 "FinTechs - Disruptive Innovation oder Digitaler Hype?"
Martin Schmid, FinTecSystems
Marion Lanaro, Creditreform Boniversum
Kay Wossidlo, Senacor Technologies AG

Previous QSP Talks

12.10.2016 "Die EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung - Datenschutz neu?"
Dr. Bernd Guggenberger
01.06.2016 "Digitale Signaturen in Theorie und Praxis"
DI Hansjörg Haller, InfPro IT Solutions GmbH
16.03.2016 "The Psychology of Passwords: How users cope with passwords"
Dr. Elizabeth Stobert, ETH Zürich
03.12.2015 "Making Privacy Decisions in Ubiquitous Computing Environments"
Serge Egelman, University of California
15.10.2015 "Aufbau eines IT-Krisenmanagements in Unternehmen"
Christian Pumberger, katmakon KG
18.06.2015 "Herausforderungen für Next Generation IT Compliance Management Systeme"
Michael Brunner, Christian Sillaber, University of Innsbruck
29.04.2015 "JetBrains MPS - Speaking Your Language"
Václav Pech, JetBrains
28.01.2015 "Securing the Internet of Things"
Hannes Tschofenig, ARM Limited
27.11.2014 "A Retrospective View on Banking Malware"
Stefan Ortloff, Kaspersky Lab
27.11.2014 "Kryptographische Währungen als Zahlungsmittel: Prinzipien, Potenziale und Probleme am Beispiel Bitcoin"
Rainer Böhme, Wilhelms-Universität Münster

QSP Teaching

QSP Teaching comprises elective lectures and labs in the area of Software Engineering and Information Security offered within the Bachelor and Master Program in Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck. For our curriculum we refer to the course catalogue.

Additionally we offer Bachelor and Master Theses in collaboration with the QSP Partners. For more information we refer to the Bachelor Theses platform. For conducting Master Theses please contact your preferred research group.

Proseminar “Bachelor QSP Labs”:
Passing this Proseminar requires the participation in eight half days of QSP Labs and participation in a writing lab. Lab Participation is proven by a certificate that you will receive by the lab lecturer. The QSP Lab participations can be collected across semesters. You will receive more information about the writing lab upon start of the Proseminar. The Proseminar will be offered in winter semesters (Interdisziplinäre Kompetenzen / Wahlmodul, 5 ECTS). Please notice that some of the QSP Labs require specific pre-requisites and have a limited number of participants which makes early registration recommendable.