QSP Labs

The Quality and Security Program Tirol invites to the upcoming Lab:

A Journey to Filesystem Lands

Richard Weinberger
CTO, sigma star GmbH

15.12.2017, 14:00–18:00
3W03 Seminar Room, ICT Building (2nd floor), Technikerstraße 21a, Innsbruck

Lab Description

In this lab an introduction to filesystem design and development is given. Students learn what constraints a filesystem designer has to consider and what concepts current filesystems, such as ext4, NTFS or btrfs use. Richard will select one filesystem, which is examined in detail such that students gain the basics to implement a minimal filesystem driver.

Language: English
Structure: Presentation
Required Skills: Basic knowledge how operating systems work
Required Equipment: -
Maximal number of participants: 30

About the Expert

Richard Weinberger is co-founder of sigma star GmbH and offers Linux kernel consulting services. He's been working with Linux for 10 years and works on the Linux kernel for more than five years.
Besides of the kernel he has a strong focus on various low level components of Linux including virtualization techniques and networking security. Upstream he currently maintains UBI and UserModeLinux.